LEGO 4021 Police Patrol Parts Inventory Instructions

As shown in the picture is what you will get. Detach the trailer, turn the winch and launch the police dinghy into the water for a high-speed sea chase.

Lego 4021 Police Patrol

The cabin at the front is empty but has enough space for minifigures to stand upright and can be accessed through opening at the sides or by tilting up the roof. Under the bridge is a storage box with airtanks and a helmet. Behind it, right at the ship’s aft, is a rope winch. The ship had a single-piece base unit and a weight unit to make it float on water.The ship could be equipped with an external motor, which had to bought seperately from other manufacturers.

Confira o Lego 4021Police Patrol Boat – lançado em 1991!


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Lego Police Patrol Boat Review Manolego

Vídeo Review do Lego 4021Police Patrol Boat – de 1991. Confira!


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