LEGO 40222: Christmas Build Lego

Only one item can be built at a time so all 24 can’t be built at once. However, considering the reasonable price, it is still a really good set.

Lego 40222

The only down side is that you can only build one or two of the characters/ props at a time. After my daughter builds these she takes a picture to “save” it that way. This is not gonna make a little one new to legos, who was expecting people, happy. This one lets you build something for 25 days, but then you have to destroy it to use those same pieces the next day.Purchased for my 4 year old 5th birthday. She did not enjoy that you could only build 2 or 3 then had to take those apart to build a couple more. They are the one’s that let you know all could not be built at the same time.

I will know in the future that if it’s ??

lego christmas build lego lego 1

Unboxing and exploration of Christmas Build Up by LEGO(40222). The set contains 250 pieces which are used to make various …

lego christmas build lego lego 2

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