LEGO 40222 Review: Preview Christmas Build

There are two manuals containing the building steps for the 24 models. Every day starts with a picture of yesterday’s model and the brick separator to make it clear that you need to take it apart before building today’s model.

Should you not wish to do that you may well have the required parts in your collection to enable you to build them all simultaneously: they are all pretty common — here is the inventory . Being able to get it free makes it even better!

The best this year – next to the classic knight. Now all four of us in my house can build something new each day instead of trading off the 3 advent calendars!To built and rebuilt time and over again. It will inspire many people to build their own little creations. Advent calendars were good value for money (the ones four or five years ago were the really great ones!) but this really has me excited.

I wonder how many simultaneous models can be made from two copies of the set!

They kindle responded acknowledging my frustration but all they could do was refer me to customer service to find out what deal might be on.

I think we get pretty much the same deals?

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Bookmark it to stay on top of what’s happened!

It’s effective, especially the sail, but the shape just isn’t quite right. After taking apart the sailboat, it’s time for the next model, and it’s a slightly derpy looking reindeer!

Today we have a much better build than yesterday.

I love the little details in this model, from the flower, to the tiny and perfect fire, to that stocking. We’re at the end of our first week, and today’s build is a nice little aircraft model!

It’s not the best one, but it’s certainly no mouse!

The arms are a little disappointing, but they suit the job. We’ve hit the halfway mark, and today we get a great little microscale house. It’s not festive at all, but it looks fantastic!

Today we are checking out the little toy train, and isn’t it cute!

Today’s build is my favourite one so far, with a beautiful castle on a hill.

I love the ramp going up through the trees, and the tall towers on the castle. It’s fantastic, from the build down to the colours. We’re into the last week, and today we get a very simple little car, or bus, or limousine. Maybe he’s on the back of one of the reindeer?

Today’s build is a couple of adorable little birds. It’s the second last day, and we’ve got a very strange looking snowman!

The eyes are crazy, and what’s with the hat?

Sure, it’s had some interesting (and sometimes quite dumb) models, but for a free set, it’s been a blast to build each day.

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