LEGO 40223 Release Date: Review Snowglobe

Parts are distributed across three unnumbered bags. Already you can see there are some cool pieces included.

First the base: a 8×8 square ‘house’ with windows on three sides and a hole at the front for a drawer. The ‘snow’ is comprised of fourteen 1×1 white round tiles. Finally, the drawer is built, to look like the front of the house. The yellow bricks look a bit out of place.They are not seen, of course, once the drawer is in-situ, but a better matching colour would have been preferable. Once the drawer has been pushed in, the house looks delightful. Real snow globes are filled with liquid thus facilitating a snowy display as the white glitter inside descends slowly back to ground after being shaken.

I do not recommend attempting to fill this one with water, though, so you will have to make do with it behaving more like a rattle. Nevertheless, it will still look great on your mantle piece. Since it’s missing the thing that makes a snow globe into a snow globe.

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This’ll look 10x better if you just leave the “globe” pieces off. The defining snow-globe feature is a little odd though, having to rattle for parts. He’ll like figuring out to make each one by looking at a picture instead of the assembly instructions.

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