LEGO 40230 Creature Head

Votre panier totalisera 3 points pouvant être transformé(s) en un bon de réduction de 0, 12 € . Climb aboard this powerful high-tech machine!

Lego 40230

Turn the articulated servo steering and watch the detailed 6-cylinder engine pistons and fan move as you drive it into position. Firstly the product is so detailed and lifelike!

A younger builder or inexperienced builder would require assistance and/or much longer time. Some parts of the build are fiddly, but thats to be expected with a model with so much detail.Enjoy building it, don’t rush and charge some batteries up while you do it. It can often take ten-twenty seconds to find the right parts, leaving hardly any time for the assembly. Told him it was mine but needed a hand to build it – let him get on with it – gave the odd bit of help. It is a very good kit, the picture instructions could be slightly clearer on the colours as two are very similar. There doesn’t seem to be much reasoning as to what is in each bag of parts.

I would have thought each section would have it’s own (numbered) bag.

Lego Technic 42030 Volvo L350f Wheel Loader Lego Speed Build

Apart from that, perfect, 80% built and should finish on his next visit!

lego creature head lego technic volvo whe 1

Lego Technic Introduces The Volvo Wheel Loader

LEGO Technic has created a stunning L350F Volvo Wheel Loader made completely out of LEGOs.

lego creature head lego technic volvo whe 2

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