LEGO 4066 Display Case: Problems Viewing Target

These cases are not quite as nice as the previous release but they do the job nicely. If you are reading this site, you are most likely an avid minifigure collector.

Lego 4066 Display Case

On first review of the photos posted, this case looks pretty nice. It looks like the plates are either snap on or permanently affixed to the case?

The cases do not appear to come with the feet to stabilize them for standing on a desk?

Here is a picture of the new small one on top of the large one as well.Here are a few pictures of the old case for comparison.

I wonder what my real passion is, collecting the minifigures, or creating and looking for new display stands to display the minifigures.

I still think is a good idea, but it did now go over well with my wife. Allows you to add more displays to expand as your collection grows.

I have several of the earlier, colorful cases like this. These new cases are slightly smaller than the older ones and will not interlock/stack together.

I bought the LARGE LEGO Minifigure Display case last time I was at Target!

It stores 16 Minifigures comfortably and provides a …

Also the other big difference between the old and new is the base plate the minifig is put on is smaller in the new ones, so if there are accessories, there is not much space to add them. A big plus for the new ones is the ease of opening the case to place or take out the minifigs. The old ones opened by pushing down on a large button on the top to unlock the front panel, which then opened toward you.

You don’t have to open the entire case to access just one minifigure. The other plus for the newer style is the clear sides.

You can see your minifigs from almost all directions with just the top and bottom of the case being black plastic. It only has room for the guys however not the vehicles with is understandable and just and fyi about this product. It was unfortunate that 3 large stickers for the item were placed right on the front of these doors. Of course not the easy to remove stickers either. If i didn’t have goo be gone, it would’ve been super disappointing to have all that sticker gunk left right in view on front door of this case.

I really like that the box is clear to allow light in the case to view the figures. However they used packing tape to hold the packaging on which made me spend several hours scrubbing for a few days to get the residual adhesive that was left on the package. There are holes in the back of the display to mount the display on the wall, or you can choose to have the display sitting on a shelf or on your desk.

lego image display case probllego 1

Lego Minifigure Display Case () Unboxing & Exploraiton

Unboxing and exploration of the Minifigure Display Case by LEGO(4066). The display case can store up to 16 minifigures and …

lego image display case probllego 2

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