LEGO 41002: Emma’s Karate Class

Train hard to win the trophy by chopping the practice block in half!

Then use the mask and sword to start mastering kendo!

Lego 41002

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

I didn’t understand why girls needed their own city apart from the regular one, and why they seemed to only do things like go to smoothie bars and hang out by the pool. Friends should be more that a group of girls lounging around the city.

I can only respond to my initial reaction which was one of disappointment.The box inside was a little crushed – didn’t look like it had been handled well and so now doesn’t look really new and pristine. It is hard for me to imagine that this is a realistic price for such a small item. It is really small and the box we received was dented quite a bit.

We are hoping it has held up and she still plays with it.

I would buy again only if the price were lower. The possibilities of a childs or adults creativity are endless.

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If you order the sets with around 200 pieces or more they will be able to build something substantial. They build with the countless pieces we saved from his childhood castle sets. But we were excited to find the new sets geared to girls. Asian theme featuring lots of red this pink and purple set doesn’t quite hit the mark.

lego emma karate class lego alternate technic 1

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