LEGO 41004 Rehearsal Stage Instructions Friends

Features ballet area with mirror and balance bar, rotating stage with speakers, rotating keyboard and spotlights. Open the makeup table drawers to store accessories!

Lego 41004

Fine motor skills will get a workout as children construct the lighting, performance platform, speakers, and makeup table. Place the crown on the mini-doll’s head, and she’s ready to rock. Then rotate the stage to rock out with a guitar, keyboard, speakers and a microphone. Practice until she’s perfect then get ready at the pretty makeup table!You can have a dance show, rock show, or whatever your imagination comes up with. This set can either be a stage for a rock star, complete with guitar, or a dancer with a ballet bar. My daughter put it together easily and loves to act out her own made up stories with the set. Lego for teaching her about the joy of earning her own money and engineering!!

Later, they all took turns singing and dancing. This products box was all beat up like someone had taped it up as a gift and the tore the tape off damaging the outside of the box.

Lego Friends Rehearsal Stage Playset 41004 Toy Unboxing & Speed Build

More Toys Unboxing – Rehearsal Stage (retired set) Item: 41004 Ages: 6-12 Pieces: 198 Stephanie has …

She loved this set, and it definitely was a great distraction from all the scary medical stuff. Practice her ballet dancing in the big mirror with a balance bar. Practice until she’s perfect then get ready at the pretty makeup table. Smell the roses delivered to her before the big show as you prepare for the performance with her ice water, a brush and perfume. They really hold her attention when building them. She’s spent time playing rock-star/ballerina in various adventures. She made this with her dad in the morning before work and was amazed by all the little details.

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Lego Friends Rehearsal Stage Building Instructions

LEGO Friends 41004– Rehearsal Stage Building Instructions.

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