LEGO 41038 Price

Andrea climb the watchtower and use the telescope to look for animals in danger. There’s another busy day of animal rescue in store tomorrow!

Lego 41038 Price

Bathroom hut features opening door, toilet, washbasin and outdoor shower. She spent about 6 hours putting this and an additional set together that went with it together and had a wonderful time doing it. This (and other jungle sets) is likely appealing to everyone, not just girls, and it does some good work towards taking down stereotypes.

I can choose not to apply many of the stickers, replace some of the bright pink tiles with something else, and it makes for an enjoyable scene.It is a tall set, with much to do, and is a great platform for adventurous imaginary play. It took her a couple of hours to assemble. She hasn’t taken it apart to rebuild it as anything else because she loves it so much just the way it is. This set came with a lot of interesting parts and pieces to be played with for the cost. The fact that there is a blue parrot in it was a key selling point. Also, it’s nice to have a slide and was fun for my 6 year old to build on her own.

Jungle Rescue Base Lego Friends Product Animation 41038

We keep the sets here, and have no problems getting her to come spend the weekend!

lego image price jungle rescue base leg 1

lego image price jungle rescue base leg 2

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