LEGO 41051 Merida’s Highland Games Instructions Disney Princess

Hang up her bow on the beautiful tree or help her catch a fish in the stream. Cook the fish over the fire and, when the food is ready, have dinner at the castle’s dining table.

Lego 41051

Merida mini-doll figure and 3 bear cub brothers. There were a lot of custom lego piecec and not as many standard piece. It will be intresting to see what else you can build with those pieces.

I would have liked less small objects and a larger castle.Assemble the bricks and other pieces to create a small castle, a tree, a catapult, and a fishing stream. The included accessories allow for a full round of imaginative play.

We all know that adults who step on lego’s can’t break them, super durable!

Merida (who is supposed to have red hair) came with brown hair. This princess differs from others because she is a warrior; archer on horseback.

Lego Disney Princesses 41051 Merida’S Highland Games!

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