LEGO 41064 Mercado Livre Brasil

Comes with box and instructions in excellent condition. That’s why this princess, with her famous long hair, has become extra creative.

Brush her lovely hair and decorate it with the pretty bows. Join the pair on their adventures with each other!

She was so excited when she opened it that she wanted to stay home from school and put it together. She finished it the next day after school and has been playing with it ever since.It has almost been a month and every piece is still in its original place even though she plays with it daily. She even had to rebuild after her little brother accidentally broke some of it. The staircase is really cool and can close and open to reveal a cool hiding spot behind it. It has a nice feel for being inside and outside of the tower, which leads to a lot of imaginative fun play. She loves this set especially all the little details that stay true to the movie. The set does weather some play, but if the child is a rougher kind of child, it may not stay together as well.

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My 7 year old is very careful with her legos, but her 2 year old sister, not so much. Overall, my 7 year old is thrilled with the set. However, my niece doesn’t have the patience, and she doesn’t like that it breaks every time she tries to put something together becomes it’s wiggly and requires and effort not to break it. It does fall apart if you try to use the green base that comes with the set, so we used a full green plate instead and it worked perfectly. My daughters (3 and 5) love playing with it. The 5 year old can put it together by herself. It has a lot of very small pieces that were either too small for her or too hard for her to snap together. She is 6 years old which is the lower limit of the age range so just keep that in mind when purchasing this set. The pieces are tiny, and not very easy for a 6 year old to use it alone. Its supposed to come with 2 little manuals, but the second one was missing. When we finish, it looked great, but its not fun to play with it. Very difficult, the spaces inside the house are very narrow. The box is huge, for what it came inside. She is easing out of the princess and pink phase, but she gave a squeal of happiness when she saw this project. It has a lot of small items, or “specials” that really make it a play set instead of just a builder. The build itself is sturdy when completed according to instructions and the figures are right on.

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