LEGO 41066 Frozen

Along with the five snowman she surprised me by sending 10 pieces of ice. She made it into the shape of a popsicle with other pieces that came with the set but that’s another story :).

Lego 41066 Frozen

She said to let her know if any other piece is ever missing from the set, lego would be happy to replace it for free. Grab a play table that’s going to be especially for this set.

We simply move the board to her bed or sit it on mine or sit on the floor wherever we want to play. A table with sides on it probably would’ve prevented that.Break ups don’t happen often and they’re usually in whole parts instead of tons of little pieces but it’s good to have the books and pictures when you need them. Also for once you get something beautiful so you don’t feel like you’re purchasing a set just to get the other characters. My little girl likes to use the other snowman’s bodies to make a taller “customer” snowman. Why use them as balloons on the celebration cake of course!

My kindergartener daughter provided the set ups and anecdotal joy. Lego amazes me with their attention to detail with every new set released.

If only her 3 year old brother wouldn’t come behind after she finishes building it and crash it all!

lego frozen  1

lego frozen  2

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