LEGO 41068 Australia Disney Arendelle Castle Celebration Best Price

Help elsa and olaf prepare the courtyard outside for anna’s party, but keep the snowgies away from all the sweets, it’s time to wake anna up and look for her birthday gift hidden in the castle. What kind of gift will she get: get ready at the vanity in anna’s bedroom.

Look for gifts in the living room with its grandfather clock. Then slide down the roof into the courtyard for cake and birthday celebrations. What we saw and what we received definitely meet expectations!

The first is for entertaining, has a fireplace, grandfather clock (with a surprise present hidden inside), and more!The stickers are mostly the transparent decal-type which is a lot better quality than papery ones and also look so much better when stuck unto tiles. There are 22 stickers in total which veers towards the higher side of things but they’re all relatively easy to apply. Most of them go on tiles and are rectangular-shaped which makes things much easier. Anna looks very much like her usual self , with an attractive bright, almost sky-blue blue dress which has some daisies printed near the hem of the dress. Anna’s torso is also pleasantly detailed, with her green vest (minus cap sleeves) and yellow and black top with more flower motifs on it. Instead, we get a lush lime green number that’s adorned by colourful flower petals across her bust and dress.

I still wish that they coloured his mouth to make his bucktooth more visible. Their faces are printed on round spheres and are attached to plain white minifig heads. The build starts off with the assembly of a small table that holds a massive double decker birthday cake . The table comes with two clear goblets (always nice to have more of these) and a cupcake platter. The two stools have floral decorations on the sets courtesty of stickers. The ground floor on the other hand, is busy with all sorts of festive birthday party details and yes, there is a slide attached to the side of the castle – because why the heck not. The ground floor bustles with party decorations. With balloons , a slightly frozen entrance to the main door which is decorated with a really eye-catching zig-zag stickered tiles. Speaking of icy elements, the frozen fountains that flank the entrance are the standout decorations.

You get 2 excellent translucent wing/fire (?) pieces which have an awesome gradient colour scheme complete with glitter speckles in the plastic. The bunting tile is unfortunately stickered but they add a very festive feel to the entire facade. The ground floor quickly transforms into a hive of activity once you place all the party elements and characters around. A totally clear transparent blue piece would’ve done a much more effective job. And here’s a look at the transparent blue giant snowflake/ice crystal that tops the castle. Here’s a look at the playset from behind. Despite being a medium-sized build, there’s plenty of space in both the upper and lower levels for the you to place the characters around. Proportionally, it all looks quite good, the size of the furniture and how the rooms are laid out are quite pleasant to the eye. On the ground floor is a fireplace made out of sand green bricks. There’s a little magenta rug with some stickered details. On the other side of the room is a bench or some sort of bed, and a really nice looking grandfather clock (love the stickered transparent piece) which has a small chamber for storage of ice skates. My favourite thing about this section of the room is the sticker painting on the wall . On to the top level, there is a small “exposed” room that serves as the entry point to the slide . Arendelle architects for injecting some much needed fun and interactivity into the dwellings of royalty. It makes for a very efficient method of getting to the ground floor.

Plenty of stickered tiles are used here for decorative purposes which give the room some much needed detail. There’s also yet another fire-place and a small pink table with a cup and an unknown transparent container. Like the ground floor, the upper level has just enough detail and furniture to give it enough personality . Unfortunately, the set falls flat when it comes to pricing. Then we get a set to put the minifigs in. Check out other listing for more exclusive deals.

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