LEGO 41078

Half the price for the exact same lego set!!

She didn’t stop building till they were finished.

Build time was faster than some larger sets. It does seem a little small to me, but my daughter loves it. There are lots of pieces and sections for rearranging. But the colors and pieces that it does come with are all really fun.Recommended for builders, imaginative play, collectors, and really just any lego fan. The arches, curves, points, and colors are great. The thing that set me off was the fact that this set makes the fifth one out of seven bought in 2015 that was missing pieces. And fifth out of five with over 500 pieces. At the end there were leftover pieces but not the ones needed. The portal feature is absolutely amazing!

The capes look much improved and made of better material than the capes in some other series. Product great for my autistic granddaughter who loved every minute of working on it.

I really thought it would be bigger room areas as well as the over all castle size?!

Containing 808 pieces, the kit is suitable for children aged between 8 to 12 years. The great part is the clever mechanism that opens and closes the portal. And many more cool features like the spa, the lava flaw, the enchanted vines in the front, and the opening spiral staircase to the second floor. Beautiful to look at and fun to play with. She and our 11 year old have not stopped building, and playing with it since!

With all the pieces and possibilities, this item will keep them busy for quite some time. They are thrilled when finished with their creations.

Lego Disney Elves Skyra’S Mysterious Sky Castle Lego Speed Build

lego image lego disney elves skyr

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