LEGO 41095 Friends Emma’s House

Set comes with all instructions and original box. Help her practice with her make-up in front of the big vanity mirror after a nice long bubble bath in the bathroom.

Lego 41095

Do some painting in the beautiful zen garden, which has a birdhouse for her pet bird, or host a barbecue with friends on the relaxing roof terrace. She was super excited when she opened this gift. She worked very hard on it and even let her 4 yr old brother help. They had a blast putting it together and then playing with it!She has been asking for this set for quite some time now. Once we received the order she could not wait to put it together.

I love the attention to detail that this house contains with windows that can open and a sliding glass door. She has already assembled it and disassembled it mostly by herself. Wish it were more playable for the kiddos, for whom these sets are meant, but this factor will vary from family to family. Just the right difficulty and a nice modern appearance with working doors and windows.

Lego Friends Emma’S House Review!

Set 41095

Maybe a few too many flowerpots for guys but at least it is lavender, not pink. It’s a fantastic place where there’s always something going on. Take the bike for a ride around the neighbourhood. Bedroom features a bed, vanity table with mirror and a sliding balcony door. Granddaughter will also enjoy it when she comes to visit.

I can see it would be fairly easy for a child to complete as it is packed in numbered bags and the instructions are done in stages referring to the numbers on the bags. The only thing that would be difficult is putting the stickers in the right place. Otherwise it would make an ideal gift for any girl from about 6/8 years upwards!

I especially like how you can easily rearrange the position of the rooms.

Lego Friends Emma´S House Lego Speed Build Review

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