LEGO 41101 Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel

Absolutely loved building and playing with them.

I anticipate it will be filled with joy, enthusiasm and frolic.

Modular structure means you can rearrange the hotel however you wish. Outside dining area features a table, chairs and a food trolley. When my daughter opened it she immediately wanted to start building it!

There are too many accessories to list and that is what makes this set so great.This set includes pieces seperated from the hotel such as the very detailed piano that open with a stage and microphone!

They can also admire the glistening fountain and have a seat while drinking smoothies!

Next on the first floor is the cafe that can easily be taken off in one piece. In the second floor you finally have the rooms where the mini figures can sleep for the night. The first room has a big bed that can fit 2 mini figures. To the beds side you have a little vanity with 2 bottles of perfume, one lipstick, a brush and a little welcome note for the girls.

In the second room that connects to the first room there is a bath room with a shower and a toilet and on its side lays a sticker on the glass window that shows a purple bath robe. Next to the pool is a chair of pink and green that lays next to an umbrella for shade. Today, we realize that pieces have been already assembled and decals we’re already applied to pieces. She would definitely not have been able to build this alone but we had an amazing time building it together. The working elevator and the rooftop party are some of the best features.

I also really liked that this set came with figures of all skin tones. So impressed with the packaging, instructions, photos, pieces. My grandkids have more than a few legos, and this is a nice addition to their collection. In classic lego fashion, it has so many details that you would really see in a hotel, from water fountains to a bellhop and luggage carts. It has three layers of fun and a hand-operated elevator to take characters up and down. Sisene pöördukse kaudu hotelli elegantsesse. .. Head through the revolving door and enter the glamorous hotel lobby under the amazing chandelier to start exploring. Take a dip or relax in the sun lounger with a freshly made drink from the smoothie bar. Later on enjoy cake and coffee at the hotel café or get an ice cream served on the terrace by the fountain outside. Christmas present for a seven year old who loved it and completed it over two or three sessions. .. Modular units so each step is manageable. Lots of lovely little features in the set and a nice challenge for her to build.

Have the vacation of a lifetime at the Grand Hotel in Heartlake City!

The LEGO® Friends Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie and Nate the …

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