LEGO 41116

Be careful not to let young children swallow the parts. Study the sky map then climb up to the observation tower to look through the telescope.

Lego 41116

Observation tower measures over 8cm high, 6cm wide and 6cm deep. But, at the moment this 10 year old is totally into telescopes and astronomy. She builds houses and patios and has garden parties and so on. They love the science outdoor aspect of it.They have spent many hours playing with it. Olivia because she’s an explorer and scientist like her. Once its together its a sturdy little car that she was excited to “drive” around the house!

Olivia’S Exploration Car Lego Friends 41116 Product Animation

Olivia’s pink SUV car is all packed up with her computer and robot friend Zobo – she thinks she has discovered a new constellation …

lego image olivia exploration car 1

Lego Friends Olivia’S Exploration Car Lego Speed Build Review

Lego Friends 41116 Olivia’s Exploration Car / Olivias Expeditionsauto For more Videos please subscribe …

lego image olivia exploration car 2

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