LEGO 41118 Price

Features a 1-story supermarket building with opening doors and swivel function to open up the model for easy play inside. Beauty accessory elements include a brush, lipstick, a bow and 2 perfume bottles.

Lego 41118 Price

Take a trolley from the trolley park and roll it through the supermarkets aisles. Turn the beauty stand to pick out a gift for a friend. This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 6 -12. Our son is three, so we helped him with the building (he did very well on his own with our guidance; he’s learning to look at the instructions to see where to put the pieces we give him).I build them and then scrap them for useful parts to use to make my own creations.

I like the friend’s sets because they give parts you normally can’t find and they are in unique colors. There are two plates that are connected on a hinge piece, and that consistently falls off too. There are so many cute little details that make it fun to view. It even has a cute beauty station, and so much food.

I really think the shopping carts fits well with the set, but the news stand seems a little out of place, overall great set!

Lego 41118 | Heartlake Supermarket | Lego 3d Review

The set itself is super cute and has many details like the sushi tiles and shopping cart, newspaper stand and flowers. Explore the aisles together—what will you buy today?

Lego Friends Heartlake Supermarket Lego Speed Build Review

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