LEGO 41131

Will it be a building, a vehicle or maybe even a brand new minifigure?

Features 24 different items, including buildings, vehicles, items and minifigures.

Lego 41131

Open each ‘door’ to reveal the surprise for the day. Collect all the unique minifigures to add to your collections or sets. It might be a minifigure or something else like a fireplace or a piano. She has t become bored with it and is excited every morning to see what she will get to build.You might even find some furry friends inside too. Items must be returned 30 days from delivery. The friends set is just a ton of small plates or accessories not a lot of actual building. She was super disappointed when her brother got to build something every day. And on the last day few days his got better and better and hers were dumb. She got a table, lamp, snowman (her brother got two of these earlier in the month) and a polar bear.

Lego Friends 2016 Advent Calendar Review And Unboxing!


I review the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar for 2016, which is set 41131. Spoiler alert, as I open each one in order… there’s …

At their request, we had gotten them a ‘city’ advent for my son and a ‘friends’ advent for my daughter. This was our third and last attempt to give the ‘friends’ calendar a chance. The individual day offerings are so much more thought out and substantial. Next year we will be getting the city set for both our kids. The issue is that the instructions for each package inside the door is on that paperboard door that just ripped.

I like and so it will add to what the lego friends city can have in their schools, etc. The holiday pieces in this set go nicely with the house. This has probably been my best holiday purchase altogether because it was a huge hit!

She has spent hours playing with the pieces and looks forward to seeing what the next day’s window will bring.

I would have returned it for a new one but it was the last one of this set that included 2 people instead of 1. All the pieces were there and none of the cellophane pouches had been opened although there were a couple tiny loose pieces in the box. Lego could have done better than a cardboard display box. Every day she gets to open another door with a fun addition to the place she’s setting up. The main box is a beautiful backdrop for the new pieces. Each day had a different scene to create, plus the box has built-in shelves to store each day’s creation.

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Lego Friends Advent Calender Speed Unboxing And Build

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