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Cena rekomendowana producenta (katalogowa) wynosi 299, 99 zł. Najniższa cena nowego zestawu wynosi aktualnie 215, 25zł .

With three mini-dolls for lots of character-based storytelling, plus colorful elements that make building more exciting. When your builder lifts the top off the boat, they get easy access to the kitchen, bedrooms, and lounge. Kids will love to create summer memories with this set and the multiple models in one set promotes group play!

Builders can lift the top of the boat to play with the interior.Accessible storage area for water scooter. Catamaran lounge below deck with transparent brick floor. Lift the top off the boat for easy access to the kitchen, bedrooms and lounge with a clear bottom. Use the personal water scooter to pull the banana boat or inflatable ring, and play with the friendly dolphin all day long. Includes 3 mini-doll figures and 2 dolphin figures. She was absolutely thrilled when she opened it a few hours later and immediately stared working on it and continued everyday until she finally had it all put together.

Sunshine Catamaran Lego Friends 41317 Product Animation

“Let’s join Olivia, Stephanie and Liam as they head out to sea in the Sunshine Catamaran!

They’re in for some awesome fun, …

This is too cool to take apart and put away. It has lots of cute accessories and is nice for girls who aren’t just into overly girly stuff. Many lego vehicles don’t have great useable interiors. This one is above par as the whole roof readily comes off the boat for interior access. The kids are still playing with this one months later. Marketing kolačići se koriste za praćenje posetilaca putem web stranica. Cena i dostupnost proizvoda mogu varirati zavisno od ponude i stanja zaliha kod navedenih partnera. Do dyspozycji masz aż 3 minilaleczki, figurki delfinów oraz mnóstwo akcesoriów!

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