LEGO 41317: Heartlake Times Review Sunshine Catamaran

Don’t try it at home, you may harm your stickers!

I especially love the one with all the interior details.

The front box art shows the catamaran just off the shore of a beach, quite appropriately. There’s a small inset in the lower left suggesting the top of the catamaran can be removed. The back confirms that the top deck can indeed be taken off, plus shows insets of other features of the set and a display of all the accessories. The instruction book doesn’t come with cardboard, which a shame since while the instruction book itself has enough heft to reasonably survive being curled up inside the box (like mine was), the sticker sheet and sail are not as resilient.I had to place both under some weight to get them to flatten out a bit. His torso is also new with a short sleeved green t-shirt that has a yellow fading pattern on the front. Olivia similarly has a new torso – she is wearing a pink and white decorated halter top that ties in the back. Stephanie also has a new torso to this set; a purple tank top with some detailed printing on the front of some sweeping stripes with decorative gold stars. The trim on the tank top is turquoise, which matches very well with her turquoise skirt and what look to be beaded flip flops.

I particularly like the food items such as the pizza (pictured elsewhere), ice cream and popsicle.

Lego Friends Sunshine Catamaran Review ⛵


Friends animals in the set, some blue dolphins.

You could argue that these are not auxiliary builds at all as there are storage spaces for both of them on the main catamaran.

I thought the banana boat was quite a clever little build by using a couple of 2×2 rocking plates. The sail has a pleasing pattern of a stylized wave with sunlight in the background with flower decoration and magenta trim. The sail itself is plastic, so you can see the pattern on both sides, which is a plus.

I know these can be necessary, this doesn’t strike me as a racing catamaran. There’s another ladder just off the front of the cockpit area – that leads down to a deck level pool, complete with waterfall. The slide leading from the top level is on the left hand side. However, after getting out of the water, what better way to start clean up than to rinse off in the shower conveniently located just outside the sliding door. Each of the two hulls has yet more functional space. My one small complaint is that there isn’t enough room for the minidolls to stand in the lower hull portion when the upper part of the boat is attached (that’s not true for the main area in the centre of the catamaran). The bright yellow stairs and the lattice work for the front of the catamaran are also new. There are also a couple new pieces in medium azur: a 1×6 flat tile and a 1x2x2 flat tile. Having the top come off the boat is terrific and allows great accessibility. This set may not have great price/piece ratio, however many of the parts are large (those hull pieces) so seems to offer good value. Cruiser came out four years ago (gosh, has it really been that long?), it blew me away with its uniqueness and level of detail. It even has a much less obtrusive place to stow the jet ski when it’s not in use!

It may be partly the big plane pieces in the hulls as this has always seemed like a cheat piece to me. Friends girls do enjoy their martinis, don’t they?

The stove, kitchen sink, dining bar, and 3/4 of a stool can fit on one of the lounge chairs!

Catamaran figured storing the jet ski into the model.

I love when they do those details and use every bit of space for some function.

I guess you could relocate the table and move them together. Catamaran just means it’s a ship with two equally sized hulls.

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