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A great way to get your builder into the holiday spirit!

Builders will love to play with the dog and cat.

Lego 41326 Friends Advent Calendar

We have been buying this calendar for the last 3 years, and the previous 2 years we loved the calendar. Really one of the days was 3 bricks to make a slide???

Lego sets from figures to accessories all make up a lovely little playset. Try to buy when on offer for extra savings!Some of the days only have one item in them and it’s tiny. The other problem with this calendar is that the builds each day aren’t complete – you find that they are broken up over different days which means you don’t get as much lego as you should. The builds were small and simple enough to get her interested and she thoroughly loved playing with them as the days went on. This has got an outdoor theme and seems repetitive. On most days there was just a simple figure in the box and thus nothing to build. This year the box opens up to a winter scene with snow on the ground and lights on the trees and houses.

Lego Friends 41326 Friends Advent Calendar 2017 Lego Speed Build Review

Lego Friends 41326 Friends Advent Calendar 2017 – Lego Speed Build Review – All 24 Doors opened and build!!

for more Lego

The fold-out has more snow fun with a picture of a train track (for posing the little train that comes in the set.

I love that there is something for each day and that each one is stored behind its own little calendar door. They have been playing with them all day, and cannot wait to for their next turn to open one!

Most of them can be assembled in less than a minute, but you can easily recognize what ship and item they are (except for the hovertank. But it is nice to get a fresh influx of figures, if you’re a collector.

You might even find some furry friends inside too!

We’ve been getting this advent calendar for years for our children. The pieces so far are so irrelevant to the star wars saga. When the kids put them together we then have to google who or what they are. Every year there are a few dumb pieces like crates or weapon stands. Sad after so many years, it’s almost been a tradition. We’ve done chocolate advent calendars in the past, but this is one where she purposely gets up crazy early to put together her next trinket. The pictures on the inside of the card stock flap also has been making it easy for the 8year old to assemble. It’d be so fun to display that way as well.

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Lego Friends Advent Calendar Review And Unboxing!


Here’s a look into the 2017 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar. This one is the worst of the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar sets, …

lego friends advent calendarlego friends friends a 2

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