LEGO 41588: BrickLink

The reason for my 4 stars on this one is when your building the hair the pieces were easily falling off. He displays them on a shelf because they all come with little stands.

Lego 41588

Really easy instructions to put them together. Being 4 she is not really at the point of putting together items herself but helps. A great looking peice and very clear instructions.

I put this together with my 4 year old (he might be a little young but did well with my help and extra time).So it wasn’t that challenging, but over all he likes it. Hopefully the model is similarly satisfying in person.

I think it looks alright but would question it’s usefulness as the figure occupies the rear section of the stand so tends to tip backwards. The figure stands almost 8cm in height and is very brightly coloured with a purple jacket, flame yellowish orange shirt, white skin and lurid green hair. The jacket features a golden skull-shaped button and a similar motif adorns the bright green tie. The mouth is printed on a 1×4 tile and looks great, with rough edges and a single visible tooth.

Lego Brickheadz 41588 The Joker Lego Speed Build

However, the spectacular hairstyle is undoubtedly the most impressive aspect of the figure. It is constructed in five directions and primarily consists of layered curved slopes accented by exposed studs and 1×1 slopes. Of course true creativity can overcome any barrier. But it is still legitimate to assess whether official sets and lines themselves, by their nature, promote or hinder certain aspects of creativity. So yes, in a way, they are more hindered in that you can’t really do whatever you want but it isn’t really the goal either.

I really find them no less creative in their making, just completely different.

Superhero Lego Brickheadz Batman , Joker , Robin

SUPERHERO LEGO Brickheadz Batman 41585, Joker 41588, Robin 41587 build by Toy Genie. In this video, we build three …

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