LEGO 4181 Review: Found

It was a nice box art with useful details like the minifigs name, serial and name of the set. There is no extra gold bar too, compare with the set that has gold coins.

Lego 4181 Review

I do not collect pirates theme actually with an exceptional to this one. The chest can be open with a little push on the cover. There is a torch hanging on the wall too. One of the playability is the falling mast.All you need to do is to push the technic pin and the mast will fall and block the entrance.

I think you should get a set of this as it comes with great parts, and minifigs.

I review one of the 2011 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets, Isla de Muerta!

It’s set 4181, and has a skeleton Captain JackĀ …

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Isla De Muerta Reviewset

152 pieces $20 U.S. dollars 4 Minifigures.

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