LEGO 4193

What you get is a building, moving parts, five mini-figures (two of them have double sided printing of faces), and two modes of transport. They provide a small water bucket, barrel lids, and a keg nozzle.

Lego 4193

The set also comes with a mouse and a spider. But over all, it’s a great introductory set. My son was very excited to show me the coal cart that had a neat feature to show the coal “on fire” like it was in the movie. The house was pretty standard, but is a nice backdrop to the scene.

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean The London Escape 4193 Stop Motion Movie + Build

Theme: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Release Date: 2011 Name: The London Escape 4193 Pieces: 462 US price 49.99$ / EU …

lego lego pirates the carib

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Review The London Escape!


463 pieces $50 U.S. dollars Five minifigures.

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