LEGO 41999 Vs 9398: What Happened? Crawler Exclusive Edition

The winner model was to be selected and produced as a limited edition of only 20, 000 copies. Even since the winner was announced, investors and collectors were excited about the possibility of getting their hands in what many saw as a highly collectible set.

Lego 41999 Vs 9398

As many expected, and worried about, 41999 sold out online the very same day, forcing customers to either hunt the set at retail location or source it from the secondary market. As one would expect, the hype surrounding the set meant that most brick and mortar locations sold out as soon as they put the set on the shelves. Furthermore, the box and instruction manuals were both higher quality than average and added a little bit of value to the set. It had all the potential in the world to become an extremely sought after and expensive set in the long term, but as you can see from the chart below, in the end that was not the case.That’s a close to 0% gain for anyone who has been holding the set for the last 2 or so years!

I sold some of these within this timeframe and took advantage of the hype surrounding it, but at the same time thought that the set had a lot of long term potential (as many others did!). The set simply grew too fast, reaching maturity shortly after its release. So, knowing its past, what should we look forward to?

You are glad you didn’t swap for the set that tripled in value while 9398 appreciated 30%??

Flippers were frothing out of every orifice.

Lego Technic 9398 & 41999 Crawler Indoor Comparison

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I wouldn’t expect that too many of them would be excited about having a new unopened 41999 just sitting on their shelf. Porsche 911 set, and people started debating that sets investment value. It isn’t licensed and it is not part of a series or line. Sometimes rarity can play against a sets value as you had mentioned. Plus it’s technic which already has a smaller audience. That said, it’s an excellent set and the build doesn’t disappoint. The body used some tried and true technic build techniques but also a few clever ones to achieve the right angles for the rear window. It’s a great set and a bargain at current prices for collectors. The set comes in a big grey box, containing many different bags filled with bricks, the building instructions, and nothing more. If mechanical functions are your thing then unfortunately 9398 will prove disappointing. With multiple electric components and those great-looking (and huge) tyres that are under-utilised here, there’s plenty to pilfer for your own creations. Inside this treasure chest it’s fairly tightly packed with lots of good stuff; enough for a few hours of leisurely, pleasurable building. Crawler for the past few weeks, and we’re now down to the final 10!

Anyhow, this tractor looks a strong starter set, bringing back proper functionality after some shaky efforts over the past few years. Unless the the stickers were applied, it would have looked terrible, half black and half white. The colour scheme issue has been addressed and this new model looks terrific in dark blue and white, with or without stickers. The silver beams used for the bumpers and elsewhere look great. The speed at which it moves is a major disappointment. If you have built it, what did you think?

I changed the gearing (swap 2 gears and replaced 2-x2 for front and back) to make it about 5x faster, but it does not crawl anymore. And as it was a competition winner that was always going to be exclusive, what’s so wrong about it being rare and hard to build part sourcing?

After all, it would have been pretty naff if they’d just released an alternative build for 9398, and they could have made it more expensive too!

In fact the chassis are virtually identical, with small detail differences regarding the attachment points for the body, the mudguards, etc. And this is also where the first intriguing point comes up.

lego image image what happenelego technic image amp  1

Then this was replaced with an alternative element (44809 ) which prevents that possibility to happen. This is where the building of the chassis ends before getting into the details of the upper body, starting with the winch itself. Surpassed this first difficulty, the winch assembly is easy to build and gets fully integrated behind the front grill. This is later attached to the chassis, already a few pages after starting with building instructions book3 (some pictures below). And here we have the motorized winch already in place. It is something we have got relative often in large vehicles, from the past years (8110 in 2011, and 8297 in 2008).

I tried to find what went wrong with the winch, but it didn’t turn obvious. The building proceeds with the rear, side fairings and doors. By the end of third book you’re eventually at this point. Proceeding with fourth book, it will take you still another 20 pages to complete the first body level which comprises the side fairings with doors, the rear with the taillights and the special license plate, and the front grill plus winch where we started. This is a good point to stare and show how 41999 starts looking compared to the original 9398.

Lego 41999 Vs 9398

Both have the passenger doors and mudguards directly attached to the chassis, but the new crawler got a different solution and also some other parts from the body go directly with the chassis. With this one, only the upper part of the body pivots from the rest, to service the model and replace the batteries. Then it is time to build the upper section of the body!

It is identical to the one used with 9398 and remains perfectly functional with the new model.

We are done building this beauty and as usual there are some leftovers.

I finished with these and if there were no mistakes you will probably end with the same, after building yours. The white tile 2×4 is there for the case you want to save your exclusive numbered license. These were then used as the main elements of my test field, but even before they served as scenario for a photo session.

What Happened

In fact as you may remember this was also the color that many of you shown interest for, even before we knew which exclusive color the co-creation will gonna have [1] . Below some other shots where you can see this beauty model, from some other angles. A small difference but still noticeable to the eye. As per the functions added to this exclusive model, you already know from the building stages above, that we got included a front winch and working headlights. Both are a natural addition if we think about things that could be added to the original crawler, when we are restricted to use the same chassis. There is also the trunk which can be opened, although the same can’t be done with the hood. The solution used in 9398 to lock the doors was already quite ingenuous and innovative, as described on this model review .

I never thought about and that really amazed me. Interestingly both locking mechanisms are achieved with the doors in this model. While this provides a better and easier handling compared to 9398, it has also a small disadvantage to get the body automatically free or unlocked if one open both doors, or partially unlocked if only one of them is opened. But that’s also the intention, to see how the model performs, which makes them a good testbed for this review.And you can take a look into the timelapse below, recorded while doing the building live stream event , a few weeks ago. By chance or intentionally, this odd behavior has been eliminated on 41999. Exclusive decorated parts and easy to reuse (wheels). The presence of additional working functions like the front winch and headlights. It intends to be another crawler (from its name), while it could have been something different or even much different. It rests the consolation this is a very unique set and will be reminded as such.

Lepin (Lego X Crawler Exclusive Edition) Vs Lego X Crawler

As for the set innovation we also took in consideration the whole process and spirit behind the conception of this set, which it is also an innovation in itself.

I want to review another old technic set lepin 20011 off-road vehicles. The box is full of references to the exclusiveness and functions of the model, from which we show a few examples in more detail below. Although the exclusiveness of this set is in part guaranteed by the number of elements, included in colors never released before for such elements. They are printed with a nice metallic silver “ink” too. And last but not the least the very exclusive wheels with a printed decorative white circle. These wheels are molded with a glossy black plastic, while they use to be mate in other sets. In order to protect the white printed circle, from getting damaged by other elements inside the box, the wheels are packed partially inserted in the tires (from the printed side).

lego image image what happenelego technic image amp  2

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