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In the end, the model has 248’s basic dimensions, livery and most of the sponsors on it, but the body shape is somewhat different. The finished transmission was heavily optimized for this particular model and probably wouldn’t work that well for a car whose weight, wheels and propulsion motors are different.

Lego 42000 Rc

All the stickers were printed on a white sticker foil, then cut by hand. On the technical side, the transmission relied on a single driving ring sitting on a smooth axle joiner, so that it could be shifted between two speeds instantly and smoothly. Shifting could be done while driving at full speed without any problems or slowing down. The transmission was connected to a simple lever moving the rear wing and activating a red light brick at the back.In 1st gear, the rear wing was lowered and the light brick was off, and in the 2nd gear the rear wing was raised and the light brick was on. It was reasonably fast, slower than many of my other models, but still quite agile for its size and weight. How did yoy get the wheels attached, those areas in the pic are shaded over.

You can read the description, check the photos and then try to be creative.

I won’t be looking to sell any of these, for the usual reasons: the amount of time and money it would take for me to reacquire the parts used in these models is simply colossal.

I honestly can’t even imagine putting price on that.

Lego Technic Grand Prix Racer 42000 Mod Rc [Hd]

This is my frist 42000 RC MOD. There’s a L Motor and a Servo Motor.

I got this set at Staff Shop in Billund, Denmark.

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Maybe you could use pneumatics in making the doors. The light is used during rain for better visibility and to warn others of a slower car when fuel saving mode or pit limiter is on. But you are right about the wing, it would make more sense if it’s function was reversed. And for the brake light – the most awesome thing would have been if you had had it switched it on when the car brakes, maybe by a small weight pushing a lever. It is ideal for ages 11 years to 16 years. Si no desea vender el producto al precio subasta no debe ponerlo en subasta sino a un precio fijo. They have been a great success with both of them. The quality of the materials is excellent as are the instruction manuals that accompany the kits. If you have mechanically minded young people (12 plus) then this makes a worthwhile gift with much educational value.

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Lego F1 RC Car Base: Lego 42000 Grand Prix Racer RC Components: TH450 Turbofan, Brushless, 30A/11,1V X-Fly 30A ESC …

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