LEGO 42008 B Model

Then lower the hook with the working winch, unfold the rear wheel lift and load a vehicle to tow. Wheel steering complete with two different steering geometries for the front and second axles.

In my eyes, so much value at this price point, especially if you can get it on sale. One thing that may not be obvious to younger builders, the plans include full size images of the pieces needed for each step. Got it a couple of days ago and built it in one sitting. The pneumatics are something new for me but they worked out fine and were easy to connect.He is 10 years old and finished this project in a day.

Lego Technic 42008 Model B Crane Truck With Semi Trailer

Lego Technic 42008. model B.Crane Truck with Semi-Trailer. Лего Техник 42008. модель б. Кран Грузовик с полуприцепом.

Lego® Technic B Modell Krantruck Mit Trailer Review

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