LEGO 42009 Alternative Model Instructions: CraneTruck C

A logicial wheel setup is used whereof the 2 front axles can steer, the 1st rear axle has a twin-wheel set-up and the 2nd rear axle can steer as well.

I liked them to have an appealing look without part/color limitations except for the parts/color available in the original set.

Lego 42009 Alternative Model Instructions

The 3 pallets with it’s cargo were build with the left over parts. The fun part is that the pallets can slide for/backwards on the loading bed quite easily without falling off. By swinging down the yellow panels between the front and rear wheels it is possible to access the outrigger mechanism. Just turn the gray gear to extend or extract the outrigger of that side.To stabilize the outrigger the gray gear on the outrigger must be turned. The third one is used to slew the crane, whereof the slew has no limitations. It can rotate the full 360 degrees and even drop pallets in front of the cabin!

The clamp can be opened or closed by turning the gray gear on top of the clamp that drives a mini linear actuator. Fun part of the crane is that it can picks up 2 stacked pallets together (see left photo). Other fun part is the ability to slide pallets backwards of forwards on the loading deck without having the pallets slide sideward at the same time!

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On the picture you can see all the parts not used; the number of ‘left-over’ parts is 316.

lego image alternative modelalternative builds for

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