LEGO Bricks

Cerca gli elementi speciali per ultimare il tuo capolavoro.

We often hear from readers who want to build one of our projects but don’t have all of the pieces needed.

Lego Bricks

Whatever you choose for your username will show up whenever you leave feedback for a seller, so choose accordingly!

Each seller charges shipping separately, so it’s best to find a seller that has several different things you want.

I look for a seller who has that piece available and who also has a high feedback number next to his or her name. Be aware the prices are related to supply and demand.That will take you to this screen, which has a long, long list of all the sellers who have this piece available. While deciding who to buy from, you need to look at what country they live in (this will affect shipping costs), and whether or not they have a required minimum buy . After submitting your order, wait for an invoice from the seller. Often, readers ask me for parts lists for our projects.

I have not written very many parts lists. Lego pieces can be overwhelming if you are not certain about what you are doing.

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When you make a purchase, the sellers send an invoice with combined shipping.

You can try messaging the seller and ask what the shipping would be before proceeding. Most respond to messages within the same day. That would explain the shipping rates, for example most will tell you what weight of bricks can ship for what price. The instructions are very clear and step-by-step. This is only for the motor module that you see.

You will only have to get 2 extra stair pieces to complete the model. The first floor is the main lobby room and it has a parking lot with guard shack outside. The set is complete with the exception of 2 tiny black pieces. My only wish would be that it had some bigger pieces in it. Lego bricks and waste more money to only have the smaller bricks again, which we now have plenty of.

I took off 1 star because of not having more of the bigger bricks in this box. Otherwise it’s still a great toy for imagination and plenty of durability too. It’s all just bricks and seems to have about 3:1 ratio of small 1×4 and 1×2 bricks to 2×2 and 2×3. So if you are looking for the small narrow pieces this set has more of those. Also its just bricks, there’s no flat pieces and no wheels or other special pieces. As other reviewers have mentioned, there are a lot of small bricks in this box (1’s and 2’s). This is a fantastic “bang for your buck” box of bricks if your kiddo just wants to build structures for his ‘guys’.

We decided to go ahead & order them, and just explain to the boys they may be late. Luckily my daughter is a school teacher and wanted to buy them from me. Maybe you can call us with one of your parents instead?

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How Lego Bricks Are Made

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