Lego Dino – The Tower Of Pteranodon

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Our hero has lured a hungry Pteranodon Tower of the lake using a smelly fish as bait. Will our hero capture it using his fire – network as soon as the giant bird shall come from the sky to grab the bait? Or will it be forced to beat a retreat quickly aboard his jet ski? Includes mini figure and Pteranodon.The package Dino The Pteranodon tower immerses children in special line about dinosaurs. An adventurer attempts to capture the Pteranodon. To do so, you need to use a spear and a tranquilizer gun. This set of 136 items is being sold with 1 doll adventurer, 1 dinosaur, 1 tranquilizer gun, 1 walkie -talkies, etc.

LEGO Dino 5883 The tower of Pteranodon

5883  tower Pteranodon

Item Weight322 g
Product Dimensions28.2 x 26.2 x 4.6 cm
Age recommended by the manufacturer7 years and over
Item model number308 181
Educational goalsCombine Concentration
Model number308 181
Number pieces136
Assembly requiredYes
Batteries requiredNo
Batteries includedNo
Types of materialPlastic
Using recommended by the manufacturerInterior

pteranodon lego


Brand: LEGO
Item number: 5883


LEGO 5883 Tower Takedown LEGO Dino Review

LEGO 5883 Tower Takedown LEGO Dino Review


LEGO Dino Pteradon Tower review

LEGO Dino Pteradon Tower review


LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883

lego dino   the	tower of pteranodon

$ 38.00 LEGO Dino Tower Takedown 5883


LEGO Dino Pteranodon Tower 5883

lego dino   the	tower of pteranodon

$ 54.52 LEGO Dino Pteranodon Tower 5883



4.0 Stars of 5

Cute but enormous price

by Laura81

Bought for € 31 is a steal, especially since it was not clear from the description the amount of pieces in the package. The toy on the other hand, like all Lego is very beautiful and well done.

5.0 Stars of 5

Very nice

by Sonia Beard

The item was shipped quickly. Packaging of the product was well done. I highly recommend it to the fans of the Lego.

5.0 Stars of 5


by Simone Mancini

Good packaging of the product.

4.0 Stars of 5


by Sabina Panero

The product arrived quickly and the box was in excellent condition. I am satisfied with my purchase. I will definitely buy other products from this site.

5.0 Stars of 5

Lego box

by George Luca Fumagalli

I received the Lego box quickly. I received it in perfect condition and everything was okay. I am very happy with my purchase.

5.0 Stars of 5


by Stefano Erroi

Everything was okay. The package was in excellent condition.

5.0 Stars of 5

Lego is never wrong

by Alessandro Venturoli

The delivery was on time, well packed and it matches the description.I recommend it to all lovers of Lego.

5.0 Stars of 5

Very good

by Alfinito Antonio

Delivery was on time and perfectly package. It has a good price compared to the other sites and stores. It’s worth it.

4.0 stars of 5

All Okay

by Louie

The delivery was timely and accurate as always. It’s reliable and has a very low price. The shipping was fast and I highly  recommend it.

5.0 stars of 5

Very Good

by Darius

I bought it as a birthday gift for my daughter. It arrived on time and in perfect packaging.

5.0 stars of 5

Lego: The Most Beautiful Toy Of All Time

by Frederic

I bought this as a gift to my daughter for her birthday. She didn’t want to go to bed and wants to finish assembling the toy.

4.0 stars of 5

Lego Is Always A Guarantee

by Alex

The product arrived from Germany on schedule. It is strong and functional just like all Lego products.

5.0 stars of 5

As Good As All The Lego

by Carl

This is a Lego version for kids who love dinosaurs.

1.0 stars of 5

Long Delivery

by Samantha

The product hasn’t arrived yet. The delivery is taking a long time. I needed it before May 10 because I purchased it as a gift.

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