LEGO Hero Factory 2063 – Stormer 2.0 Alpha Team


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“Attention, Leader of the Alpha Team. The Fire Lord’s minions are attacking the base Tanker Station 22 and must be stopped at all costs. It‘s up to you now to block them with your shield and spear harpoon blade of ice that freezes immediately anything it touches.  Command your team with a helmet equipped with sensors. No one can stop you.”
Stormer 2.0 is a 2063 Hero Factory set that was released in January of 2011. He is built entirely different from his former 1.0 mode. His limbs are more flexible, and strangely, the arms are shorter, while his legs are longer. The headgear features an eye-glass device which is attached in between the top helmet and the head. His right arm wields a shield which has two blue rubber spears connected to the front. At the back of his shield is a flexible hose that attaches to the back of his body, and a spiked tool that also appears in 2065 Furno 2.0 and 2142 Breez 2.0. 
The set contains a white and blue Hero, Stormer 2.0. Every armor piece is the same size, including Stormer’s Ordeal of Fire badge which is colored black. Stormer maintains his core color and blue head.

LEGO Hero Factory 2063 STORMER 2.0


Factory 2063 STORMER 2.0

Product Specifications:
  1. Item Weight – 154 g
  2. Product Dimensions – 18.2 x 11.2 x 6.1 cm
  3. Age recommended by the manufacturer – 6-16 years
  4. Item model number – 285751
  5. Educational goals – Logical thinking, Analytical Thinking, Skill, Concentration
  6. Language – English
  7. Number pieces – 31
  8. Batteries included – No
  9. Types of material – Plastic

lego hero factory item weight analytical thinking

Brand: LEGO


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LEGO – Hero Factory 6230 Stormer XL

lego hero factory    stormer .

$ 26.72 LEGO Hero Factory 6230 Stormer XL



  1. A Series GuessedHero Factory is a really nice set of LEGO. Robots are easy to build and when children begin to have 2:00 to 3:00 break they like to exchange the pieces together and create new ones with their imagination. In addition, the packages can be combined together (the instructions are downloaded from the website of LEGO) to create larger models. There were times when we feel we ourselves were kids.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. NiceFast delivery. The robot is another beautiful item as an addition to our collection of Hero Factory. I keep them for my husband, but we all in the family like it. : -)

    Rating: 5 / 5

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