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All products come with a standard warranty (extended on white goods) with most returns being free of charge. Children will be able to explore space, shape, colour whilst developing both fine and gross motor skills. Includes 84 soft, high density foam blocks. Suitable for children from the age of 2 years.Moreover, these large soft lego blocks do not contain phtalates or any other toxic materials so even the youngest children and toddlers can play 100% safely in your daycare center, waiting room or kids corner. Giant foam blocks for building life-sized figures, walls, towers and obstacle courses and many more. This set encourages exploration of space, shape, and colour while it also develops gross motor skills. Observe as children creatively set the scene and retell stories using these unique bricks. Children will use positional language to work together building child-sized figures, walls, towers, and obstacle courses and then retell stories using their creations!

The set has 84 bricks made of washable, flexible foam for durability and minimized noise; the bricks can also be used outdoors.

Мягкие кубики ЛЕГО (Lego Soft) 45003

45003 Перед вами совершенно уникальный набор, состоящий из кубиков больших размеров, изготовленных из мягког…

These bricks will not be as big as they seem in the pictures.

I figured it would have been enough for a small fort. Four boxes would be enough for a small child to build something meaningful. However, the material they’re made of is perfect (soft rubber, like firm galoshes) and the blocks are very easy to lock together for very young toddlers.

lego soft page found Мягкие кубики ЛЕГО leg

Lego Soft Bricks

Lego’s giant soft bricks and what fun we had with them!

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