Minnie, Retrains Asset, 5 Pcs. Backpack With S-Shaped Shoulder Straps To Relieve Shoulder

The Minnie schooling asset of Scooli is exactly what you are looking for when you want to experience. a good start of the new school The cute design in a bright red color always creates a good mood. The backpack is also ergonomic and comfortable to wear. The shoulder strap relieves the shoulders, while the lining prevents a hollow back to the loins. The interior offers a large box, which you will find enough space to put away. All your books The front pocket is perfect for all your cases. Side you will find two pockets for a water bottle each. It contains the appropriate schooling Scooli asset of a large and beautiful Pen Case which can be all markers and pens put away a small pouch for the main drawing instruments, a Minnie Mouse wallet and a bag for your gym clothes.
Details of Minnie schooling asset:
• Backpack with main compartment for books and binders, zipper pocket for small items, one front pocket, two side pockets for water bottles 0,4 l
• Backpack with S-shaped shoulder straps to relieve shoulder
• Reflectors on backpack safety in traffic
• Ergonomic breathable padding on back, lumbar support padding
• Light operated lock as closure
Description:Material:• Plastic Color: red
• Includes: one backpack, one large pouch, one small pouch, 1 wallet, 1 bag backpack
• Volume: approx 18 l
• Recommended age: 6 years.
Item is not designed for children under 6 years. Use under adult supervision.
Recommended Age: 6-10 years
Brand: Scooli

Minnie Retrains Asset Pcs Backpack

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