Puzzle Multipack, 8in1. Color: Orange

Now Skylander fans can look forward to the ultimate puzzle fun. The Skylander puzzle multipack has direct 8 puzzles in store for you. Now you can really enjoy and you look at your favorite characters, because it is one of your heroes included. Every puzzle With a total of 8 x 100 parts you have plenty of alternatives for a balanced and varied puzzle fun. His motives once 100% visible, then you can just the puzzle back in the pack do. Thus they are safely stored and can you puzzling when you come in fancy
Description:Material: plastic
• Color: orange
• 8 x 100 pieces
• Recommended age: 6 years. Item is not designed for children under 6 years. Use under adult supervision.
Recommended Age: 6-8 years Brand: Skylanders

Puzzle Multipack In Color Orange

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