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But along the way, you’re bound to meet some awesome friends!

Olivia and friends must find the groom in time for the wedding.

Lego Friends

Introduced in 2012, the theme introduced the “mini-doll” figures, which are about the same size as the traditional minifigures but are more detailed and realistic. She also wore her hair up in a low ponytail, and was very athletic . She has changed outfits throughout the first series, depending on the seasons. Mia is kind, generous, and animal-loving, in the first generation.She is also a good person in the reboot franchise. In the first generation, her hair could also be thought of as auburn (a brownish red). Even her old-franchise profile said she loves all animals. Mia’s favorite activity is horseback riding . She loves helping people and animals in need. Mia gets a different voice actress in the new franchise.

Stephanie finally gets to stay home alone for two days – with her friends over. What do you think ends up happening?

Olivia used to dress more in pink in the first franchise, but the new series had settled it down more. She wears eyeglasses in the new franchise, and has lighter-brown hair, but also has darker skin. Olivia has long hair tied into a braided ponytail, blue thick glasses, and dark brown eyes. Olivia loves the platypus as her favorite animal in the original series. She gets new friends afterward, but things still turn bad. Emma is the best karate student in her class. She has long wavy black hair, green eyes (brown in reboot), and light skin. Stephanie has blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Stephanie seems to like the colors white and pink, according to her attire. Andrea has dark skin, green eyes (brown in reboot), and brown hair. She’s very dramatic, much to her friends’ annoyance and chagrin. She has a large appetite but never gets overweight as it seems that she has a fast metabolism . Andrea can sing power ballads, and is a really great dancer. In addition to the first sets six polypag sets have been released as promotions. Subsequent waves were released in future years, expanding on various interests of the characters and their friends.

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Lego Friends Heartlake City Cafe Build Review Silly Play Kids Toys

The original cafe in Heartlake City, from all the way back when Lego Friends was first released!

There are several Lego Friends

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