Stick Storm Starter. 100 Sticks, Various Fittings And Clamps

The Goliath Stick Storm starter kit contains everything you need for your first stunts and jobs with small wooden sticks. With the various fittings and fixtures you can build numerous jobs and let it explode. Simply The difficulty of building and stabbing each other in the sticks is rewarded with pure stunt action. You can use many other opportunities to extend this starter set from the stick-shaped string and then build insanely long runs, you will start with one finger and explode.


  • Genre: dexterity game
  • Contains 100 sticks, various fittings and clamps
  • Players: 1 player
  • Use under adult supervision
  • Recommended Age: 6-14 years
  • Brand: Goliath
Stick Storm Starter Contains Sticks

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 Now you can create your very own amazing Stick Storms. 

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