Early Reading Material Summary

A Systematic And Interesting Introduction To Reading:

  • The BEST Early Reading Materials introduce children to reading using a carefully guided reading method.
  • Based on an educationally proven phonetic approach to reading, and incorporating tactile/visual as well as aural/oral methods, they are designed to enable children to become highly competent at word building as they embark on learning to read.
  • The BEST Early Reading Materials use color coding which permits step-by-step progress while assisting the teacher in monitoring progress.
  • The BEST Early Reading Materials contain the following:


t1 Tactile Letters

Tactile Letters – The child’s learning of the tactile letters is reinforced using a visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic approach. The child sees, hears, and says the sounds and touches and forms the letters.Materials: A set of 26 lower case alphabet letters mounted on wood using a continuous stroke (D’Nealian). The consonants are pink, the vowels blue.

Price: Tactile Letters – $90.00   Tactile Letter Box – $25.00


Movable Alphabet lg1

Moveable Alphabet – Once children have learned the sounds of the letters, they can now build words. Children match these words to objects and pictures from the Word Building Kit (see below).

Materials: Letters are made of 2 inch vinyl or 3 inch sturdy cardboard and come in a compartmented wooden box.

Price: Either 2″ or 3″ Movable Alphabet – $100.00 (including wooden box)


mnn Mini Booklets

Mini-Booklets – These booklets are used in 3 ways: as pre-reading picture/word matching, in using the whole language approach (sight reading) to teach reading, and (after completing the phonetic pre-reading materials), as mini readers.

Materials: 10 printed perforated word sheets with accompanying outline pictures (which can be colored) are designed to be compiled into 18 mini-booklets.

Price: Mini-Booklets – $25.00


Word Building
Word Building Kit – The Kit is used with the Moveable Alphabet in building phonetic words (word analysis). Children build 3 letter phonetic words of objects or pictures from pink boxes and longer phonetic words of objects or pictures from blue boxes. The pictures and objects are selected for their phonetic names which children can “sound out” for themselves.
Teacher’s Manual – The detailed teacher’s manual incorporates many varied, interesting, and helpful suggestions for pre-reading language activities. It is recommended that these activities be explored thoroughly before children progress to word building and reading.

Quality Miniature Objects – There are 4 sets of 5 appealing objects in durable plastic containers (2 pink and 2 blue boxes). Extra objects can be purchased separately

Picture Cards – There are 48 full color, excellent definition photographs representing familiar objects. The cards are laminated, color coded and divided into 8 boxed sets (4 pink and 4 blue).


Materials: A teacher’s manual, quality miniature objects, and picture cards.

Attention: The BEST Word Building Kit contains small objects and is therefore not recommended for children under four and a half years old.

Price: Word Building Kit – $125.00


Words for  Word Building Kit image

Words for Word Building Kit – After using the Word Building Kit with the Moveable Alphabet, these word cards can be used with the objects and pictures for a first reading experience. They are color coded and match in size the pictures from the Word Building Kit.

Materials: 68 cards, laminated for durability.

Price: Words for Word Building Kit – $15.00

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