The Lego Batman Movie Reviews

He has no other friends, nor does he attend any parties. This franchise has a bright and inventive future.

Lego Batman

Its got great action, humour, characters, and surprisingly even some emotional weight to it. Overall it is a fun and entertaining movie for kids and adults alike. Scenes change so rapidly, the director must have a short attention span. The voice cast is terrible; it’s as if they chose people based on their star power alone.Master building was only mentioned once, which was nice. Strangely enough, this movie had better character development that the last batman film we saw. However, my young ones didn’t understand many references made in the movie despite finding it enjoyable. The comedy is silly, goofy and light-hearted.

I turned my digital rental into a purchase. And the song and dance number at the end?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this with my 12 year old.

I love all the bad guy cameos in it also. If you have little boys do not rent this one, buy it!

However, this movie was even more funny than that one was. There are jokes in the movie that only adults will get but nothing crude so it is suitable for the whole family.

The Lego® Batman Movie

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