Tower Of Pisa

Ravensburger Puzzle

Like two-dimensional puzzles any more? challenge Now you can discover the world with Ravensburger Puzzles in 3D again. Build buildings or bulbs and set it in your room as a decoration on display.
By a construction error Tower of Pisa was increasingly inclined and it seemed that went tilt. This is the bell tower is one of the most famous towers become and he is usually called Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Bring some Italian in your living room. The 3D puzzle, you can recreate the Tower of Pisa. Thanks to the easy-click technology the different puzzle pieces together perfectly and ensure they fit so for ultimate puzzle fun
Size: approx. 29cm high
216 pieces of plastic
Item is not designed for children under 36 months.
Recommended Age: 10 years
Brand: Ravensburger Puzzle

Tower Pisa

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